Rest in Peace Tuan Haji Zaini bin Ahap

I was setting up printer drivers for Lylyendy and Winnie’s new Vaio CR laptop in the office when Rizal text me;

“Bpa tua x bngun..Cntact sepa..?”

My grandfather didn’t wake up? What did he mean by that? I instantly call Rizal to asked him what he meant by that. He told me that he also didn’t know anything about it. He mentioned that my cousin Zura at my village called Nadiah at home sobbing that grandfather didn’t wake up. I asked him if Nadiah had called mom on this and he said yes. Well, there’s nothing we can do at that point as the information is still blurry. There’s no point for everyone to called and asked what had happen. So I let it be and continue with setting the laptops. I tried to call mom to ask what the news but she didn’t pick up her phone. Mom returned my call after a while and I asked her if there’s any news from grandfather. Mom told me she’ll be going with dad to Papar to check on grandfather status. With that, I continue on with my work.

I was at Food City, where my colleague and I normally have our lunch when my dad called me to break the sad news. I spend my time a while with my colleague, finishing my lunch, crack some joke with them, trying not to let them know about the sad news I’ve received, I was in a haste to get back to the office to fill in my leave form. I guess I would not be joining the company photo shoot scheduled tomorrow. A sign that I won’t be staying long with the company? It sure feels like it. It was cancelled earlier on because Tommy Chang was admitted to the hospital for minor stroke. Anyway, I filled in my leave form, check back on the laptops that I was working on, seems that it’s working fine, place my form on the HR desk then pack my things. Didn’t say anything to everyone except to Jenny; she asked me to help her on the plotter connection but I had to turn down her request and try to get Mckerry to help.

I reached my village at about 3 in the afternoon and I could see cars lining up on each side of the road. Everyone was made know about the sad news. Went upstairs and I saw family members from my grandfather side was already there. A makeshift curtain was put up where behind it my uncle and cousin were helping to kapan my grandfather’s body. I must say I was kind off scared to go in and take a look. Last time when my uncle passed away, I was also scared. But when I think back, this is part of life, so I brave myself to go in and take a look.

They were about to finish and called every family member to take a final look before they fully cover him up. I was really keeping myself from crying, not that I’m really sad, but looking at my relative crying made my heart melt. We perform Solat Jenazah at the house before his body was sent to Tanah Perkuburan Orang Islam Kg. Kuala, Papar.

I was told that he sleep at the living room sofa, very unusual of him to do that. He normally woke up at about 6 in the morning, but my cousin saw the he is still sleeping at the sofa. When he tried to wake him up that he realise he had passed away. He passed away peacefully. 🙂

That midnight; this is based on two eyewitnesses, he came over and visited us, then went downstairs arranging some brick. Arranging brick was his routine activities during his life time. I guess that was he planned to do that day. No I was not afraid of the story, rather I’m amused. 😉


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3 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Tuan Haji Zaini bin Ahap

  • 22nd January 2009 at 11:18 am

    condolences to u and yr family,..

  • 2nd February 2009 at 7:50 pm

    amidst the busy schedule, i overlooked this entry. i’m sorry. condolence for the lost.

    again, im really sorry..


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