Why Do Gadgets Make Us Happy?

Just a few weeks ago Apple released its latest iPhone and hundreds of thousands of consumers flocked to the store to buy one, some waiting in lines for hours just to be some of the first to get the phone. Why all of this enthusiasm, dedication and love for a simple phone? Surely there are other devices out there that would meet the needs of these consumers. Is there something more than the simple drive for consumerism and status symbols going on here?

While the general feeling is that objects don’t make for true happiness, the question remains why so many people out there still seek out the latest and greatest gadgets and beam from ear to ear when they get them. The reality is that many gadgets do make us truly happy, but that the effect is often short lived. Like much of technology today, our computers, phones and electronics are new one minute and replaced by something faster, better and smarter the next. Do we continue to be happy with the older gadget? The answer is often no.

But that doesn’t mean that gadgets don’t have something to offer us. For those weeks months and even years that they’re shiny and new, they offer tech-addicts a chance to live a life enhanced by technology. iPods, cell phones and laptops offer us not only the chance to have a fun new toy to play with but to more easily connect with those we care about, enjoy the entertainment we appreciate, and to work with greater ease. In the future many of us imagine, gadgets serve to make life easier, happier and more efficient and while we’re not quite to the world imagined in science fiction novels, these gadgets hint at elements of this bright future.

While gadgets may not offer a lasting sense of happiness, the smiles, pride and love they do inspire still makes them well worth the money for many out there—a fact that’s unlikely to change in a world becoming increasingly inundated with technology.

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  • 13th July 2009 at 8:31 am

    I guess the waiting (for the product release) plus the marketing strategy of the product manufacturer pumps up our excitement and knowing that we’re one of the early birds, provides that happiness and (sort of) adrenaline rush to us when the gadget gets into our hands. We do know that the “happiness” is temporary but if we know that we can have it (happiness), money is often second matter. Tapi kalau pakai kad kredit mo menangis juga tengok statement ujung bulan. Of course, that “high” feeling will plummet once we’re not so into the gadget anymore or once we find something unsatisfactory about the gadget.

    The bottom line is gadgets do make us happy.

    • 13th July 2009 at 10:06 am

      yeah, that is true. but lately i’m beginning to look at how will the gadget improve my life i.e. does it have word or excel editing tools, or does it does it have WiFi hehehe


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