Bush and Saddam’s Shoes

Did you know that President Bush and Saddam Hussein both have their shoes made by the same Italian shoemaker? That’s very interesting. That reminds me of this incident.

And my imagination start running wild…

Somewhere in a meeting room full of men wearing suits and army uniforms. A voice came from at the end of the table.

So what does our intel have to report?

It’s confirmed Mr. President, he use Stefanelli’s.

What? Chief of Staff, what is your take in this?

Well Mr. President, its the best there is for a man in power. There is no reason for him not having it.

Damn it, he just have to pick a fight with me! I thought we have set an embargo on them. What happen?

Intel couldn’t confirm on that but we think he might have took some precautionary measure to bring it it. Intel still trying to confirm on this.

That does it. I giving an Executive Order to attack Iraq!

On what ground Mr. President?

Owh I don’t know. Blame it on Weapon of Mass Destruction if you want to. He just cannot wear the same Italian shoe that I’m wearing. It’s simply not acceptable!

OK Mr. President, we’ll get right on it.

Or could it be Shoes of Mass Destruction? Heh, silly me. 😉


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