This is the chronology of my Macau-Hong Kong vacation from 27th until 31st May 2010, Day 2

We're back in K.K.?

That company was next to our hotel. Noticed the phone digit? So our first stop is at Macau’s oldest temple, 500 years old temple, called A-Ma, named after a Taoist Goddess. According to Danny, ladies who wished to get married, couple who whished to have children, and anyone who want to amass wealth, should come to this temple. Well that’s that, it is also the birthplace for Macau and how it got its name. When the Portuguese first came there, it was near the temple. The Portuguese asked what’s the name of the temple and the local said Ma-Gok (I think that’s how it is spelled, correct me if I’m wrong) and maybe these foreigner is hard on hearing, heard it as Ma-Cau. So there you go, how Macau got its name.

Waiting for our bus
We will visit that later in the evening

Danny explaining to us about the temple history

I was walking around the temple when I saw a lady rubbing her hands over a bronze basin’s handle that makes the water inside it jumps around. *Huargh*. Friction between the lady’s palm and the thick bronze handle created a vibration which was efficiently transferred to the thin bronze basin which magnify the vibration causing the water inside it to jump. Like I said, *Huargh* zzzzzzZZZZZZZZZ Have the urge to puke?

As we were heading back to our bus to go to our next destination, I couldn’t help to noticed the paintings on the walls, a painting of toilet campaign I think, something like Kenon’s cartoon on almost all toilet in KK except this one is a huge wall painting.

Next destination was the Macau Tower. This is the place where you can Bungie Jump, Sky Jump, Sky Walk and Sky Climb. Oh I was tempted to try if not for the price tag that come with it. I want to save up for Hong Kong and Disneyland okay. In the future, I will come back here, for sure! This is where we are having our lunch. The food here are great, a lot of choices. Kinda reminds me of our very own Atmosphere Restaurant at Yayasan Sabah.

That's a very interesting roundabout

After lunch, we were brought to visit the Ruins of St. Paul’s. The ruins here, the way I looked at it, is quiet preserved, as compared to ours in Melaka. I’m not saying ours is terrible, I’m just stating my observation. After that we went to Senado Square, passing through their shopping district. I think this is what DBKK tried to do a few years back with Gaya Street but was muchly objected by KK resident because we LOVED to park near the shop and some went to the extent of parking inside the shop itself. 🙂

Reaching Senado Square, all of us are free to roam the place to shop for souvenir. I follow Siti and Ainee to try out Milk Pudding at a nearby shop. Imagine a carton box of Desa fresh milk, only you don’t drink it, you eat it. iLike!!! Then I went to look around, getting some souvenirs. The rest of my tour group were told to re-group at the City Hall if any of us would like to visit Jacky Chan’s hotel. Well I miss the boat, so I just continue with my photo taking of the place.

This fountain is inside the City Hall
Stair to the fountain

We went to Venetian Hotel after that, where according to Danny, gold paper was used to decorate the whole hotel. Even the shower is made of Gold. It’s where the biggest Casino in the world is. Imagine the whole basement and ground floor of 1Borneo combined. Get the idea? So most of the ceilings are covered with the paintings of The Greek’s God. I’m not a gambler so I was a bit bored yet feel interesting at the same time looking at the gambling tables there. I’ve should have followed the rest of the group who went to check the rest of the place. According to them, on the upper level, sky was drawn onto the ceiling making it looked as if you are walking under a clear bright sky. Oh by the way, four piece of Satey and Nasi Himpit cost $70 over here. That’s roughly RM30. Expensive yes?

Looked neat and clean. Why can't our looked as clean as this?

We visited Hard Rock Hotel hopping to find Hard Rock Cafe, unfortunately they don’t have a cafe, just hotel and casino. Figures! So we stopped by at their retail outlet to get their t-shirt. I noticed these two young ladies standing near to Hard Rock entrance, wearing a super short skirt with super low showing their pump-up boobies grey uniform, cleavage was clearly showing, as if you can swipe your credit card there! Was wondering whom they represent actually. My friend told me they are prostitutes, trying to get customer. Prostitution is legal there. Hey, I’m a guy, of course I ogle at them. What do you think? My eyes are glued to them “chickens” aite!

Walked back to our hotel after that, took us 15 minutes to reach it. We went back to the same supermarket the other night to get some grubs, and we found food with “Halal” sign from Malaysia. Seriously we found it. Mister Potato and Tama instant noodles. Kewl eh?

We bought these there!

So that’s Day 1 2 of my Macau-Hong Kong vacation.


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  • 6th June 2010 at 11:24 am

    br day 1?? wah br day 1 take 2 parts…nice photos, thanks ya upload least kitorg dpt gambaran over there..very interesting… bah sy tgu part 3 n 4 lagi yg ada suspen tu kan?..hehe 😉

  • 6th June 2010 at 9:25 pm

    oohh…nah tepaksa la ko ambik sy jadi tkg proofreading lagi post ko..hahah 🙂

    • 7th June 2010 at 12:24 am

      ndapah. tu kesilapan pasal kepenatan sama kemengantukan.

  • 19th September 2010 at 8:52 pm

    Wa im so jealous… i wish i could also travel like that. But my first destination would be Paris ;D Angan-angan…

    • 20th September 2010 at 6:33 am

      don’t just wish, make it so hehehe


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