Boat that rocked

A week before, our kitchen was flooded with water, which we couldn’t understand from where it came. We tried to check if there’s any leak, even closing the water main for one day. What puzzle us is that it came from underneath. Week after that it just stopped.

On that day, I couldn’t go because I’m busy with work and only applied for leave a week after, Aizul is in KL with his mom, Saiful on the last minute couldn’t join and Ahnaf was having school activities in KL, except for Wahadhir who manage to come along. These are the entire first grandsons of each family.

On that day, I have finished downloading a movie soundtrack. Months ago I heard a song over HBO but couldn’t get the song title, not even the lyric for me to google web search it. Then a few weeks after I heard that song again on a movie preview, so I began to look for it. The song I was looking for was Gimme Some Lovin’ by Spencer Davis Group; which I found it months after that, which was not in that soundtrack. The soundtrack I downloaded that night, which I listen to at about 8:30pm was The Boat That Rocked. The movie is about a boat having DJ’s playing rock music in the late 60’s. To me, well it’s a message to me saying “the boat that was carrying my family was rocked”.

I’m sure there were a lot of ‘sign’ given to us, this is what my own family ‘received’. Should we act on it an try our very best to avoid it from happening. Well, to me, we cannot escape death, it’s a normal process after all. But not to the extent like the overly exaggerated “death architect” in Final Destination movie. I only watched 1 & 2 but not the rest. Rather than trying to avoid it, it is better to embrace it, spend more time with your love ones. Say what you want to say, listen to them, and probably executing their last will. We should remember that they are moving on to another world and we should pray and be happy for them. We on the other hand have plenty to do in this world.

It’s exactly one year since the tragedy and I have finally watched The Boat That Rocked. I like the movie a lot, the boat sunk in the end, and nobody died in the movie of course. I’m happy to say that we have adapted to the changes, more family outings, even my dad is taking Radio Amateur Examination next month together with my two brother; who’s taking it for the second time, because I myself have already passed. I’m waiting for my license and call sign, 9W6PAI (pronounce as nine whiskey six papa alpha india) and hoping the rest would get theirs too. This might be the conversation we’re having in the future, if they passed the exam.

Me: nine whiskey six papa alpha india QSO nine whiskey six delta alpha delta QTH? over.
Dad: nine whiskey six delta alpha delta QSO nine whiskey six papa alpha india I’m at home son. over.
Me: nine whiskey six papa alpha india QSO nine whiskey six delta alpha delta bapa sudah makan? over.
Rizal: nine whiskey six sierra romeo yankey QSO nine whiskey six papa alpha india kau tanya bapa saja ka? saya? over.
Hanafiah: nine whiskey six alpha bravo uniform QSO nine whiskey six papa alpha india saya pun kau tidak tanya? over.
Me: nine whiskey six papa alpha india CQ ya la bah saya tanya semua la ni over.
Dad: nine whiskey six delta alpha delta CQ ya sedang makan over.
Rizal: nine whiskey six sierra romeo yankey CQ ya makan sama bapa ni di pasar malam over
Hanafiah: nine whiskey six alpha bravo uniform CQ saya sama eton on the way pigi sana sekarang over.
Me: nine whiskey six papa alpha india CQ OK lah. QRX 73.

I’m looking forward for us family convoying from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau via Keningau, communicating through radio. We have been discussing about it briefly, no exact date on when we are going to do it though.

Weeks before that day, late grandma told my uncle to take care off all first grandson of all family, and make sure to have their name listed on her land title. All of her first born grandson are still here, well all of her grandson are still here, trying to get the women back into our family, if you know what I mean 😉

All I can say is, God work in a mysterious way. AL-FATIHAH.


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4 thoughts on “Boat that rocked

  • 26th November 2010 at 5:20 am

    InsyaAllah roh mereka ditempatkan di kalangan roh orang-orang yang beriman.. Amiin..

  • 26th November 2010 at 9:51 am

    Moga roh mereka dicucuri Rahmat. I feel terrible reading all this for the first time.


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