Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis

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What would I want most with my iPad? I want it to be my one stop centre for my Movie experience. For the iPhone, there’s already and app that shows you all the cinemas in Malaysia together with its scheduled screening. It also show the place on Maps so if I’m new in town and I’m driving, I just tap on the map and Maps app will show me how to get there myself. Further more, I could buy the ticket straight away. I want it to be more than that on my iPad.

Say that I want to know more about the film I’m going to watch. Having just a synopsis and who’s acting in it or recommendation on what movies it resemble to just won’t cut it. It has to be link to the Internet Movie Database a.k.a. IMDB. I want to know more about the actors too. Connecting with IMDB would have me access to what was the actors previous movies. Pretty important for someone who are sometimes forgetful.

IMDB for iPad

I would also want my peeps know what I’m watching. It has to have a function like Gomiso where all of my friends know what I’m watching and get rewarded with badges and stuff. Maybe these badges could also earn me a free popcorn or soda or maybe discounted ticket and maybe, just maybe free movie ticket on my birthday. Movie rating is also crucial. I could enter ratings and review where it matters for all movie buff.

Gomiso Badges

Movie apps would not be complete if it does not have online booking in it. If I like the movie then definitely I want to watch it. Having to book online saves time. I would be even better to buy it online, especially those box office movie where it is quickly sold out fast! Payment method? PayPal would be good, but why stop there? Why not having you ticket paid via our local banks? Convenience at your fingertip, it literally is!

Lastly, I should be able to save what I want to watch onto my calendar, without having to type it in again. With Calendar, I could also invite friends and family to watch it together with me, and yes, book or buy their ticket together with mine.

Wouldn’t that be great?

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