KK waz Hitz by two Ladiez

I first started listening to hitz.fm when I was in my third year in UTM, Skudai Campus, which was somewhere in 1997 when they first started airing. Back then, KK have only a handful of station to choose from, most of the time catering for the older generation, well that’s how it felt to me at least. As compared to what I’ve listen back in KK, listening to hitz.fm was fun, not only because of the songs that was being played, but also the announcer chattering. Every station plays songs but it’s the announcers that made it fun to listen to, and for my case, I just love listening to the announcer over at hitz.fm. So you could imagine how bored I am when it comes to semester breaks. That would mean weeks of boredom. And when I graduated, one of the things that I will miss the most would be listening to hitz.fm.

Somewhere in 2003, I got word that hitz.fm started broadcasting nationwide. I was so excited hearing that news, asking around for hitz.fm frequency in KK, I preset all of my radio to hitz.fm. Just press number 1 and I’ll get to listen to hitz.fm. For the past 13 years now, hitz.fm have been Malaysia’s No. 1 English speaking radio station, catering for the high-energy and vibrant youth ranging from 10 to 29 years old. Yeah I know; I’m still in denial. I’ve already passed that age group yet I still feel that I’m in that group. Like I said, I’m in denial.

This year, hitz.fm is in Kota Kinabalu. I’m not just saying they’re here for a day or two. I’m saying hitz.fm will be broadcasting from KK itself. I’m not kidding. Still the same station; hitz.fm, on the same frequency; 100.8 FM, the same website; www.hitz.fm, but with a new programme which is Hitz 10-1, broadcasting from KK. YES from KK!

The new program, which starts from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m., will have three segments in it. At 10am, it’s KK’s Top 10 at 10, listing out the Top 10 Hottest songs in KK, no where else in Malaysia but only in KK, where it matter to us. At 11am, it’s Hitz By Demand where listener could make song request with messages via hitz.fm website or Facebook, or by just calling the station on air at 088-487108. Noticed that the phone number is a KK number? And lastly at 12 noon, it’s SMS Most Wanted which is targeted at lunch crowd where listeners may request for what they want to listen to via SMS at 32111. All of these are for KK hip and young crowd. *koff* *koff*

Two new announcers; both are from KK, will be hosting hitz.fm KK. First of it’s Sham Sze Mian @ Erica or Rica who always think positive, looked shy on first impression but loves meeting new people, a family oriented person and loves to gobble down Caesar Salad and potatoes, and having difficulty deciding to jog or swim.

Totally blown away by her new passion at hitz.fm KK, Rica

The other announcer is Cassandra Jane Albanus or Cassie who is an optimistic person, having random thoughts & actions, wacky and often experience sudden bursts of laughter & affectionate, eats meat, active in running, rock climbing and water rafting.

The wacky hitz.fm KK announcer, Cassie

There you go, two new announcers broadcasting on their new studio in KK specifically for listener in KK and the surrounding area. Catch KK’s Top 10 at 10, Hitz By Demand and SMS Most Wanted hosted by two lovely ladies on weekdays every week. By the way, would it be too much if I ask you guys to mention me whenever you dedicate any song? Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with cream and strawberry on top?


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