My history with Unix

I started to know the existence of Unix when I was watching Jurasic Park, when Lex Murphy (played by Adriana Richards), the granddaughter of John Hammond (played by Richard Attenborough) said, “This is Unix! I know this!”, or something like that. It got me interested to know more about it. Of course I didn’t get the chance to really use it; manage to briefly use it during my Uni years, accessing Fortran 77 at FKKSM (Fakulti KejuruteraanKomputer & Sumber Maklumat ). It’s the programming language that we engineering student must learn to use.

Then I came to know about Linux. They say, back then, it was the lighter version of Unix, and it runs on older machine. Never get the chance to really get my hands dirty with it though. I do manage to witness a few amazing thing with Linux, one of which a server running on a diskette, only a diskette. This is around the time where making websites, knowing HTML is the in thing. And yes I manage to make a few websites. This is also the era where Internet Relay Chat where every Malaysian would glorified themselves when they manage to so call “attack” mIRC users. I was on Pirch so I was not affected but it amused me. I got a taste of using just a fraction of Linux command at that time also because an acquaintance of mine introduced me to Eggdrop, a channel Bot that monitor channel activity, and it run on Linux. He’s the owner of, the hosting I’m on right now. Even though I never had the chance to really use Linux, I keep it to myself that one day I will use it. One day.

It took me about 8 years to have Linux running independent in my home. Because I don’t have any spare machine to actually have it running, so when I got hold of a new machine, I instantly change my old one into Linux. It was Mandriva distro at first before I change to Ubuntu. I’m still learning to use the command line and everything, but because I have the basic before hand, using it is also easy for me.

Can't get enough of them!

Still it doesn’t tell the Unix part is it? Well, when I started to use Mac, it’s only natural for me to click on everything, which include using the Terminal. The terminal for Mac & Linux is equivalent to Command prompt on Windows. You know the windows with black (or sometime white depending user preference) background consist of only text that you’d rarely use except when a computer technician/geek/friend use it to do something that makes you think he/she is a computer hacker because they typing fast on the keyboard without even looking at it. You know that? Yeah, that’s the one. The one on Mac pretty much look the same with what I saw on Linux. Geek friend of mine pointed out Mac is a descendant of Unix, so I did my little search and what do you know, I’m actually, in a way using Unix. So there you go. Even though it took me 17 years to actually, in a weird way, using Unix, at least I’m now part of it, even though just a fraction of it.

History of Unix

New mission? Trying to get hold of pre-loved machine and tried to fire it up using any OS out there. I’m thinking of Haiku, an OS inspired by BeOS, which according to my friend resemble Mac System 6. It worth the try because the percentage of having music and video application is greater than Mac OS X, Linux or Windows. So they say. A project worth trying, especially to independent music and video producer.


The Geek

A so called geek who resides at North Borneo, in a not so little city anymore, formerly known as Api-Api to the locals, Jesselton to the colonialist. This geek is a Civil Engineer by profession, who have lots of ideas popping up while traveling, who will write whatever popped up in his mind and hopping the reader would not be so judgmental toward his writings. This geek is also a computer & internet junkie who love outdoor, which is pretty much contradicting to each other doesn’t it? This geek is good at almost everything but a master of none (read about this somewhere). People may perceive him as a very quiet, describe as phlegmatic person, yet he is quite a chatterbox to those whom he is really close or comfortable with. This geek thinks anime chicks are way cooler than a real chick hence why he also likes to watch it (not the chicks, but the anime). Not to be mistaken as watching a cartoon, anime to this geek and to most of anime follower are animation that are created and produce by the Japanese.

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  • 6th February 2011 at 9:13 pm

    urmmm my internet connection must have been disconnected cos i was sure i did posted a comment here. anyways, i was saying…this unix thingy is kind of too much to absorb (for me) 🙂
    tapi tu snow white juga lah yg menarik hatu…your lappy skin??

    • 6th February 2011 at 9:18 pm

      not skin, just decal. got it at

        • 6th February 2011 at 9:27 pm

          in the fairy tale, snow white ate a poisoned apple, in this case a sweet apple and i named my laptop Cik Bedah


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