Nothing what it seems at first

1:05 pm at Mr. Electric electrical appliance shop. There was a robbery in progress. But it’s no ordinary robbery, which involve weapon and cash. It’s just two young man running into the shop and took away at first glance what they think is expensive that they need to get it and out fast! The owner of the shop couldn’t do anything but to yell and just shooing the robber; yeah like that would stop the robbery. It could work if the robber were some chicken.

1:03 pm at Trinity Passage. A black man walking alone and a woman walking from the opposite direction looked at him. He has this suspicious look on his face. All of the sudden he dash toward the woman and pushed her to the wall. What do you think is happening?

12:47 pm at Terry’s Betting Shop, Hanworth. A man with black leather jacket wearing full-face helmet was running toward the exit while putting something inside his bag. Two minutes later, a police is in hot pursuit with the same man. The man apparently riding recklessly on a 1-lane road full of cars, disregarding his and other road user safety. I don’t know about you guys, but to me, it’s robbery in progress and the police are on his back.

1:17 pm, an ambulance carrying casualty arrived at Emergency Room. Inside was two young women, identical twins, one was unconscious and was being transported to the hospital. It looked serious with syringe and heart monitor.  The other one constantly right at her side, worries sick. At the hospital ward, a nurse was pulling a blind in preparation of an emergency operation. The nurse was looking at a women sitting next to her twin sister, crying for her sister.

12:56 pm, it’s a bright shiny day at Feltham Shopping Precinct, everything seem so be normal here. Or is it? A man was sitting next to a planter box doing nothing, except that he was spitting. Out on the corner came to police constable on a regular patrol. The man looked to his left and saw the police constables, then looked to his right and started to run. The two police constables also started to run soon after that on the same direction. That got the attention of two armoured car security guard, a few other people who were there at that time.

Meanwhile, also at Feltham Shopping Precinct parking lot, a big built man inside his car was yelling at another man in suit, who looked like a yuppie who couldn’t care less of the working class. The yuppie don’t seem to respond to the man’s yelling so he got out of his car to probably give him a piece of his mind :/

Also at the parking lot, another big built man standing next to a car with a long slender piece of metal trying to break into a car. Pretty obvious what’s happening here.

Back at the shopping area, a little girl tugging her mom’s hand wanted something from her mom but she was busy talking with another woman so she decided to wander a bit to look at two boys fighting over one ball. All of the sudden the mother was pushed from getting nearer to her daughter and the little girl were pick up by a man who I mentioned earlier, who was running before two police constables. Looks like abduction in progress or maybe a hostage situation.

Now each story tells us something, which on the first impression was a bad thing. These sorts of things happen to us almost everyday. Most of the time people would instantaneously make a judgment without finding out the bigger picture. I too sometimes do that myself. It’s bad, I know, but I try as much as possible to get a clearer picture before I pass judgement. What worst? People pass judgment just by how they look. Is it their fault they look the way they are? Are you questioning Gods gift?

This is what actually happens on that day. Two young women were arguing in front of Mr. Electric electrical store on that fine afternoon. While they were arguing, a police is on a hot pursuit of a motorcycle. Well I’m not sure why but that’s the story, this man was riding fast. The chase brought them to Feltham Shopping Precinct, where at that time, a big built man was yelling at a yuppie who are waiting for another big built man who work for an Auto Recovery company, trying to unlock a car for the yuppie. Only when the yuppie got into his car that the other man stepped out. The motorcycle went into Trinity Passage, where two pedestrian was walking pass each other, when suddenly one of the pedestrian (the back guy) push the other pedestrian to the wall saving her from being hit by the motorcycle. Clearer now? Now come the chaos. The motorcycle ends up hitting Mr. Electric electrical shop, nearly hitting a mother and her daughter and the two twins. The man who was running away was actually running to save the little girl. The two constables were running to help too. The woman who were pushed away the mother was actually trying to prevent her from getting hit, not the kidnapper accomplice. And the two twin sisters? One of them push the other away resulting the one who was pushed fell to the ground hitting her head unconscious. The two young men took the opportunity to steal while the armoured security guard who saw the whole thing went into the store to help the motorcycle rider. So you see, everything is much clearer if you get the whole picture.

There were two ambulances actually. One is carrying the sisters, and one is carrying the motorcycle rider. The latter didn’t make it.

I got the story from watching Oasis’s Stand By Me music video clip. Love this video. Watch it if you want to get clearer picture of the story. Good Day! 🙂


The Geek

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4 thoughts on “Nothing what it seems at first

  • 12th February 2011 at 8:22 pm

    Haha..Thank goodness for the video..I was so lost in the plot ;P

  • 18th February 2011 at 4:57 pm

    half way reading the plots, terus it reminds me of the one scene in The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons where he relates the what-if-this-does-not-happen events prior to his girlfriend’s accident.

    • 20th February 2011 at 10:08 am

      i need to re-watch that. i forgot that scene


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