Paedophile Saga

I’m not really a fan of romantic movies. I really don’t. Except if it’s a romantic comedy, because it has comedy in it. So when it comes to Twilight Saga, I’m a bit reluctant to watch it. I watched the first saga just because I want to know what’s the fuss all about. The second saga because there’s no other good movie to watch so I went in just to humour myself hearing the ladies squirming to the see Taylor taking off his shirt.

I remember when I watch the second movie, and every woman went gaga with Taylor taking off his shirt. I remember because the movie theatre was full of women’s “excitement”. So I decided that I don’t want watch movie three, part 1 and 2 because, well, vampire are not suppose to go bling bling; except if they wore sun block, maybe, and I am straight, and like I say, I’m no fan of romantic movie. But not until the part 2 came out, when they say there’s more action scene, then I went to watch again. Worth my time to watch it. And finally, the saga is over, just like Robert & Kristen relationship.

Even though Edward; I still say he’s Cedric Digory, was 17 or 18 when he was turned into a bling bling vampire, he is actually hundreds of year old when he met Bella? Don’t you think that’s more or less making it OK to be a paedophile? And there’s Jacob dating a kid. What was her name again? Oh yeah it’s Nessie. Oh wait, that’s her nickname. Nessie is one cool Water Horse if you ask me! OK it’s Renesmee. How old is she again? At 7 years old she became a full-grown adult, dating by my movie calculation, a 20 year old wolf dude? I don’t know about you but to me, that’s paedophile.

But when dwelled more on this, my wife and I are 12 years apart. So if I married her when I was 24, she would be 12 then, then I’m also a paedophile. DAMN!

Moral of the story, paedophile is OK if the younger ones are of legal body and mind age. Make sense? I hope so. One more thing. Baby Renesmee CGI looked, weird to me. Just saying.


The Geek

A so called geek who resides at North Borneo, in a not so little city anymore, formerly known as Api-Api to the locals, Jesselton to the colonialist. This geek is a Civil Engineer by profession, who have lots of ideas popping up while traveling, who will write whatever popped up in his mind and hopping the reader would not be so judgmental toward his writings. This geek is also a computer & internet junkie who love outdoor, which is pretty much contradicting to each other doesn’t it? This geek is good at almost everything but a master of none (read about this somewhere). People may perceive him as a very quiet, describe as phlegmatic person, yet he is quite a chatterbox to those whom he is really close or comfortable with. This geek thinks anime chicks are way cooler than a real chick hence why he also likes to watch it (not the chicks, but the anime). Not to be mistaken as watching a cartoon, anime to this geek and to most of anime follower are animation that are created and produce by the Japanese.

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