2 Ramadhan 1434 Hijri – Long Drive

My first long drive on this holy month, though it’s only 2 hours drive to Kuala Penyu, but still it’s a total of 4 hours drive. On official business of course. Wonder why I didn’t bring along my iPod.

As if it’s our custom, roads leading to residential; namely Putatan in my case, and certain part of KK will definitely be jammed, from Ramadhan Bazaar, where everyone, every religion, came to get a taste of something that you wont normally find on any other months of the year. Or we’re lazy to find it on any other days because it’s lay scattered all over KK and only on this specific month where you can find it in just one concentrated place. A fact that most Sabahans knew. But I didn’t go near any of the Bazaar.

Instead, I went to Suria Sabah to pick up my wife and had our sungkai at Choice Restauran next to Kinabalu Daya Hotel because she crave for Roti Kosong kasih garing punya. But instead she had cheese naan. I had my usual murtabak, but this time with mutton, and a mango juice. Sugar is the key to get your energy back. By the way, I only had rice and sausages for sahur. Migraine attack? Nope. Coffee count? 1 mug and 1 canned Nescafe.


There’s some glitch in posting via iOS device so for the time being, will be doing my post from my computer.

p/s: Though some would ask why I don’t use the word ‘iftar’ but i prefer ‘sungkai’ for it’s more Sabahan specific word.


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