Zoom! KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt 2009

It was 4:30 in the wee hour of the morning and my alarm went off. Well actually my phone went off; I don’t really have an alarm clock with me. What people normally do when the alarm went off? No I don’t throw my phone onto the wall, I just press snooze. I must have pressed the snooze button a gazillion. Angie called me up at about 4:50 to wake me up when my alarm went off again. I ask Angie to hold the line so I can switch off the alarm. Then it hit me, my other phone was charging downstairs and the one on my bed was the one where the alarm went off. How can Angie be calling me when I heard my own alarm? Oh gosh! I was dreaming of my team mate waking me up!!! OK! OK! I’m up. Coming from a so called morning person, this is really funny. So I get myself ready, my brother was staying at his friends place so he’ll be meeting us up at Nexus, where we flag off. I need to pick up Sofian and Angie at their place. Went to Nexus right after that but stopped at Mc. Donald’s Drive Thru to get some breakfast. I just had coffee at home and that’s not enough.

Zoom! KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt 2009
This year its Team Oscan. We are all OSCA and would like to make it sound like Lycan 😉

Every year is a routine gig where all the hunters gather at Nexus to do some dance-aerobic before the hunt, simply because with this hunt, you still need to do some physical challenge apart of trying to catch the time. Thank god they were not doing the Poco-Poco dance. It’s also where we have our final briefing before we go hunting, so that nobody will get lost. This year, there’s only two team from Peninsular Malaysia joined the hunt.

Zoom! KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt 2009
Hunters car lined up before the hunt.
Zoom! KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt 2009
Dance-aerobic before the hunt.
Zoom! KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt 2009
Final briefing.

We start of the hunt this year by going to places that was listed down on our Leg 1 Part 1 quest. I wonder how the Melaka team going to navigate as there’s no tulips provided for this years hunt. Until the end of the hunt, they didn’t get lost, but I presume very tiring as it’s their first time joining. If they think this is hard, last year hunt was even harder. Anyway, we were given a list of places to go, some place we just need to get our passport chopped, one place giving a unique and interesting pose, playing with water at another place, and saying I love Sabah (and a lot more which I forgot) in Kadazan language, all that not in random order.

After finishing the first part of that Leg, we went to Api-Api Centre, Double Six Memorial at Sembulan and Petagas War Memorial for Part 2 of Leg 1. For those who didn’t know about Double Six Memorial, it’s the white colour monument at Grace Point. Ring a bell? At Api-Api and Double Six, we are required to find specific signboard that we get for deciphering sets of question. Question like “Tanah yang mengelilingi Pulau Sipadan, sesuai juga untuk membuat cabutan.” where the answer is Pantai Dental Clinic & Surgery, or what about “A water wall seen in fathers’ grip, Tell me how much too or points will slip” where the answer is Papadams RM1.50. How is that so you ask? This is how.

Fathers’ = Papas  (Corrrect? There’s more!)

Water wall = Dam (Yes? I think some of you are getting it.)

Papadams (Papas is gripping dam or simply put, the word dam is inside Papas)

And one stall at Grace Point is selling Papadams for RM1.50. How’s that for treasure hunt? I guess the hunt was too much for Rina, that’s why I didn’t see her again for two years now hehehe… For the question at Petagas war memorial, we were just required to read the plaque and get the answers. Part 3 of Leg 1 require us to just simply named houses according to photo provided but not all photos shown are real. We were given 10 minutes to identify them. That’s the end of Leg 1 of the hunt. After finishing the challenge, Leg 2 of the hunt required us to go to Lok Kawi Zoo, 1Borneo and Alam Mesra. When we went to the Zoo; which none of my team members have ever been there, we were glad that most of the hunters car was there. So we went in to find answer to our question. You know what? Because this is our first time being there, instead of finding answers, we were side track to admire the animals inside the zoo. By the time we manage to get the answers all of the hunters’ cars were gone. Shoot!

So off we went to 1Borneo to find more signboard and complete two physical challenges. By the time we reached 1Borneo, it was already raining. Because we were short of time, we just main tembak for the answer. It’s also the place where we bought our treasure items. My team would like to thank Sophia’s team for supplying us answers for Alam Mesra question sectors. We were out of time okay! Seriously, my team need to manage our time, but the animals at the zoo was cute! How can we resist that? HAHAHAHAHA.

The hunt ends at Nexus, where we hand over our Leg 2 answers and treasure items. While we were eating and waiting for the answer and prize presentation, the organiser draws up games for us. I like the second game, and took video of it. Stacy AF6 was also there singing her famous Aku Stacy song. She was among the hunters, hunting for treasure with us. Although we didn’t win anything, we had a great time. I heard there’s a few treasure hunt planned for this year. If any of you guys interested to joined, just tell me and I’ll inform you guys. Invitation extended to those reside in KK only 😉

Zoom! KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt 2009
The ladies at the back trying to shave the mens using spoon!
Zoom! KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt 2009
Trying to get the ball inside the net. Hillarious!

Zoom! KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt 2009
Stacy AF6. My camera couldn't cope with her "jumpiness".
Zoom! KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt 2009
The winners!
Zoom! KK City Tourism Treasure Hunt 2009
Although we didn't win anything, we went home with a Lucky Draw prize.

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