For a mistake he did, he suffer greatly, he has lost everything. Even if he could turn back time, can he still make things right?

But alas, he was given a chance, a chance that nobody in the world would know. But that was the downfall, to his opinion. He would only be known as an observer, advisor and at times, just a protector. Doing so much or so little would jeopardize this new found chance, chance that he would not want to lay a waste.

But because of the condition that was set forth, he starts to wander aimlessly. There is no definite future to this. Is it? He feels so hopeless that he started to wander of alone, to fill in his hopelessness. He misses his town dearly, and felt he was left behind. The town where he resides is just a temporary stop, no indication that it will be a permanent thing. He is now townless to say the least.

Maybe he should go to a new town, or country or even a planet if that is possible. It would do him good.


The Geek

A so called geek who resides at North Borneo, in a not so little city anymore, formerly known as Api-Api to the locals, Jesselton to the colonialist. This geek is a Civil Engineer by profession, who have lots of ideas popping up while traveling, who will write whatever popped up in his mind and hopping the reader would not be so judgmental toward his writings. This geek is also a computer & internet junkie who love outdoor, which is pretty much contradicting to each other doesn’t it? This geek is good at almost everything but a master of none (read about this somewhere). People may perceive him as a very quiet, describe as phlegmatic person, yet he is quite a chatterbox to those whom he is really close or comfortable with. This geek thinks anime chicks are way cooler than a real chick hence why he also likes to watch it (not the chicks, but the anime). Not to be mistaken as watching a cartoon, anime to this geek and to most of anime follower are animation that are created and produce by the Japanese.

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